Saturday, May 17, 2008

My Cat Daisy Mae

The second cat to join our family was Daisy Mae. After we figured we could handle our allergies, we thought Abby could use some company. We went to the local shelter to look at the kittens. It was harder to choose than I thought because of the amount of cats that needed homes. I wanted to take them all to save them from the tiny cages and the overcrowding. There was a room that was about the size of my living room that had about a hundred free roaming cats. It didn't help that the air conditioning was broken (it was August). My husband and I saw a tiny tortie that seemed to have a good personality, but she had just been spayed and it was hard to tell if she was the one for us. We decided to go home and think about it.

The next day, we brought the children with us to the shelter with every intention of getting the tortie. The kids wanted to look at the other cats first. Ok. We still weren't sure that the tortie was a good fit so we went to the car to talk about it. My daughter suggested we should get a medium hair kitten that she found in another room. No way! Do you know how much work it is for a long haired cat? My husband said he liked the long haired too. Well, I guess I should meet her. Back at the shelter, the medium hair kitten played with the toys we offered her, and when she jumped in my son's lap, the decision was made.

Here is Daisy at about 4 months old:
My cat Daisy as a kitten
Abby at this point was about 1 year old. Here are Abby and Daisy together:
Abby and Daisy

Here is Daisy now, at about 2 years old:
My cat Daisy

We didn't know it at the time, but Daisy definitely has Maine Coon in her. She has very soft, thick fur, trills when she talks, and uses her paws almost like hands. She can open my cabinets, pulls her water bowl to herself, and lays down when she drinks. She is large at 12 pounds. She has a great personality and we are lucky to have her.

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