Sunday, May 25, 2008

My Cat Jack

Even though we had three cats up to this point, my husband and I liked to go to various shelters in the area to look at the cats. One of the shelters had a room where at least 100 cats roamed free. There were colorful ramps, cat trees, beds for them to lounge in, and a large window that looked over the small parking lot and the fields beyond. We had no intention to get another kitten. However, there was a small little girl that climbed on my husband's shoulder and just perched there. We couldn't make up our minds then so we went home to think about her. We came back the next day and she was gone. Someone had already adopted her.

We looked at the other kittens and noticed a small, skinny boy that was very friendly. We knew we couldn't wait long to make a decision. As I was filling out the paperwork, a shelter volunteer went in to get the kitten. There was someone that was interested in him and I could hear her disappointment over losing him. Whew! Here is Jack as a baby:

My cat Jack as a kitten

They said Jack was about 5 months old, but he seemed small to me. He had diarrhea even after he was wormed, and it took me a while to find that the food he was eating caused the problem. Jack has a better food that agrees with him now, but I think he will always be a small boy. Now that he is a year old, he is much smaller than Simon. Here is Jack now:

My cat Jack sitting in my floppy hat

He decided he was the perfect size to sit in my floppy hat.

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