Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Stung by a Wasp

Daisy was stung by a wasp today. One had gotten in the house and the cats thought it might be fun to play with it. We saw Daisy frantically licking her paw while the other cats where staring intently at the window. The wasp was still alive, trying desperately to get out. I took my husband's shoe and squished the poor thing.

I did an internet search to see what I could do to relieve her pain, or control swelling if necessary. I found that bathing the wound with vinegar water was good for a wasp sting, and baking soda was good for a bee sting. Interesting. Since it was a wasp, I knew there would not be a stinger in the wound. A bee leaves her stinger behind, so that would have to be removed as soon as possible. Some sites recommend that Benadryl could be used to reduce swelling, but I would call the vet for advice before I gave her any medicine.

Of course in the few minutes it took me to do the search, Daisy was fine. No swelling. She was walking normally and started playing with one of her toys. Whew!

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