Saturday, July 12, 2008

Trimming Cat Claws

I found a good video from Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine on how to trim your cat's claws. Please, please, please do not declaw your cat. Declawing does not just remove the toe nail, declawing removes the first joint of the toe. It is painful and unnecessary. Imagine your hands without the tops of all your fingers. OK, end of lecture.

Here is a picture of a cat claw. Cut off the tip of the nail away from the pink part, which is the quick. Use a good, sharp pair of clippers from the pet store. Human clippers are not shaped correctly nor sharp enough.
photo from

An alternative to clipping is fitting Soft Paws onto the cat's nails. I have never tried this.
photo of softpaws on cat

The video shows a very tolerant cat. Many cats do not like to have their nails clipped. I have several like that. Here's what I do:
  • Wait till she is sleeping, then sneak in and clip one or two nails, or until she starts to resist.

  • Have someone else hold the cat and clip nails until the cat begins to protest.

Some people wrap their cat in a blanket like a burrito. I do not like to stress the cat (or me). It makes it so much harder the next time. So what if all the nails aren't done? I can trim several more an hour or a day later.

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