Monday, August 25, 2008

Reaction to Frontline

I seem to spend a lot of time at the pet store, looking at the cats for adoption. On Saturdays, a rescue group brings in several more cats and kittens, hoping to find homes or fosters for them. Since I have more than my share, I cannot take them home. As I was checking out the kittens (so small!) my husband called me over to look at a black and white short hair. The poor cat was drooling. The saliva was just pouring out of her mouth, and she looked quite ill. I brought over a woman from the rescue group to see her. Immediately the woman knew what the problem was - Frontline.

Turns out that they had just treated all of the cats with Frontline. As soon as she saw the cat drooling, she took the cat to the bathroom to wash off the chemical. I did a quick internet search and found that Frontline is a safe flea prevention. It is supposed to be applied between the shoulder blades or higher up to the back of the skull so the cat will not lick it. I have read that Frontline is so bitter, if the cat is able to reach the application spot, drooling will result.

It was quite alarming to see the amount of saliva coming out of that poor cat's mouth. I am glad that I have indoor cats, and so hopefully will never have to worry about using a flea prevention on them.

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