Monday, September 8, 2008

Darn Maine Coon

Daisy is my Maine Coon mix. She loves to open my cabinets, steal the other cats' food, and trill at me when I enter the room. Last night, she learned something to open a heavy pocket door. Behind the door is my laundry room that leads to the garage and the basement. When she opened the door, the other cats took the opportunity to go down into the basement (where they are not allowed). They also helped themselves to old corn-based kibble that I was going to toss. There was a stinky mess this morning that my daughter found the hard way (she stepped in it in her bare feet). EEwww.

My cat Daisy
She slips her large paws under the door and works it until she creates a space between the wall and the door. Then she reaches in the crack and pushes the door to the side like a human. We don't know how to keep the door closed, so we are going to leave it open in the hopes that the cats become bored with the laundry room. Time to train the kids to keep the basement door closed. Defeated by the cats again.

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