Friday, October 17, 2008

Autumn Getaway

Last weekend we decided to head north to look at the autumn trees. Early cool weather, lots of rain, and bright sunshine promised us a wonderful show. Our destination was Wisconsin, and we started off at Devil's Lake State Park. We were not disappointed. This was the best color I have seen for years. To get a better view of the trees, we decided to hike up a trail to Balance Rock. I under-estimated how long and how steep the trail was, and I was grumping before the end. Clouds of Asian ladybugs were there to bite us and drive us crazy. But the climb was worth it; the view was awesome. Here is one tree of the thousands we saw on our trip:

Tree at Devil's Lake State Park

We were gone three days and two nights, too long to leave the cats alone. I asked my neighbor to look after them, a favor she has done for me before. Thanks Missy! I had her feed them just dry food. To make sure each cat got enough to eat, I left a large amount of kibble. I figured a little overeating for a few days wouldn't hurt. I did find a few piles of puke, but not too bad. They are used to a different (wet) diet, so I wasn't surprised.

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