Friday, October 31, 2008

Hide Your Black Cats Today

Today is Halloween and it is time to hide all of your cats, especially your black cats. Everyone knows that cats are taken from shelters and tortured and slaughtered in rituals tonight. A neighbor girl told me that they keep their outdoor cats in the house on Halloween to prevent people from stealing them. Some shelters in my area are postponing adoptions of cats until after Halloween. But is it really true that this abuse is happening, or is it a myth?

I went to to check it out. They wrote that evidence for the myth was inconclusive. They did find some anecdotal reports of some abuse over the years. Some incidents of animal mutilation and torture were attributed to troubled teens, not religious satanic groups. Other incidents may have been caused by larger animals such as coyotes.

I think it's fine that some shelters want to be extra cautious about adopting out their cats today. But I don't think that someone who wants to kill a cat will want to pay $100 or more and go through a background check. I do think it is prudent to keep your outdoor cats indoors tonight.

Scary Simon

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