Monday, November 24, 2008

Stray Cat in My Neighborhood

Today I saw a stray cat hunting by the side of the road. This cat has been wandering for the past few months in the neighborhood. She is white with grey tabby patches and the most beautiful blue eyes. She came up on my back porch once, and my five were very interested to see her, but she ran away when I went outside.

I don't know if she is feral, stray, or someone's pet. But I am very concerned about her. It is getting very cold, with the temperature in the teens the other night. I also saw her several times by the 50 mph road, next to an abandoned house. I found my first kitten in a field next to that house, so I think Miss Blue Eyes may be a feral from there too.

I wish I could catch her, but I know that is next to impossible. The few times I approached her, she ran away. I don't think she roams by my house enough to set a trap. I might wind up catching raccoons or the fox that lives here too. My eyes always scan the ditches next to that road when I drive by, and it is hard not to think what may come of her in the next few winter months....

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Everycat said...

Give trapping a go, she might come around your place at night or when you aren't around. Setting the trap not to close for a few nights might get her confidence up, so she keeps coming back. Maybe you could make a shelter for her out of an old beer cooler box and some straw?

Seeing cats in need plays on your mind, we know this one well.

Whicky Wuudler