Sunday, February 22, 2009

Cat Makes Predictions for Oscars

I'm watching the Academy Awards as I type this blog. My husband and I try to see all of the nominees for best picture. We make predictions for most of the categories then watch the Oscars for the results. But there is so much fluff between the presentations of each award, I decided to surf the web. I found a site that has videos of Wilbur the Psychic Cat predicting the Best Actress and the Best Actor.

For the best actress, Wilbur will remove a straw from a compartment labeled with the actress's name. His prediction - Kate Winslet. The actual award goes to ..I'm watching right now...Kate Winslet. Wow!

Now I have to wait for Best Actor. Wilbur the Psychic Cat eats a lettuce leaf off the square with the photo of Frank Langella. The actual award goes to...waiting...Sean Penn. Man! I was a believer in Wilbur up to now.

I'm predicting the Reader will win. And the Oscar goes to...Slumdog Millionaire...not surprising, they won a lot of catagories tonight. Eight in fact.

Thank goodness that is over.

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