Sunday, February 1, 2009

Simon and His Toy

Each of my cats have their own personality. Sure, they do the regular cat stuff: sleep most of the day, pretend they are starving every time I walk in the kitchen, kick the litter out of the box, and go nuts when they see a ladybug in the house. Simon has been with us now for almost two years. All my cats love toys, but Simon has his own way of playing with them.

Simon howls with the toy mouse in his mouth. Not meow, but RAUWWL!, MMMRRRROOWW!. As loud as he can. The first time he did this, we thought he was sick. Simon is not nauseous, he's having a good time. He howls several times, day and night. It wakes up my husband, so now the toys are put away at night so we can get some sleep. As soon as the toys come out again: MMMRRROOOOWWW! Imagine this with the Doppler Effect as he runs down the hall.

If he was out in the wild, I don't think he would have lasted very long. He announces himself to the prey.

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