Monday, March 23, 2009

Cats as Alarm Clocks

My cats have internal alarm clocks. When mealtimes roll around they feel it is their duty to tell me. Sometimes they sit by their bowls and wait patiently. Sometimes all five cats stare at me. Sometimes they send a representative to remind me that "". Because of their system, unless I am not home, my cats are fed promptly on time (although not soon enough for them).

Feline alarm clocks also work well in the morning. The cats will jump across my head over and over until I wake up. Many times I will awake with the disturbing feeling that I am being watched. When I open my eyes, I see that this is true. Five cats will be staring at me; one cat on my pillow, two on my legs, one on my chest peering into my face, and one on my night stand pushing stuff off of it. Daisy will lick me while I am asleep as if she is tasting the giant mouse that will substitute for their meal if breakfast is late.

Most of the time I get the message and get up to take care of them. But I would like to sleep in every once in a while. Why don't cats come with a weekend cancel button?

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