Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Cat Stops Game at Wrigley

Breaking News!
I was blogging and watching the Cubs game, right now, when I looked up and saw a cat running across the field, stopping the game. She was a calico and tabby, and she was frightened and puffy as she headed toward the bull pen. One of the ushers tried to grab her. Big mistake. She was not happy and let him know it. He dropped her then picked her up by the tail. Thanks for TIVO that I could get these pictures:

Wrigley Cat Running

Wrigley Cat Caught

Wrigley Cat Held By Tail

It is cold at Wrigley Field tonight, and the usher has on a thick coat and gloves. But she was angry and I bet he got scratched good!

Go Cubs! (Check the score.)

Here's a link to MLB.com with a video of the cat at the game.

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