Thursday, April 23, 2009

Update to Wrigley Cat

A cat ran out into the field during last Tuesday's game. See Cat Stops Game At Wrigley posted on April 21, 2009, for pictures and a link to a video. The Chicago Tribune reported today that the cat was taken to a local shelter, where it will remain until someone claims it. The Cubs think the cat entered through a knothole in the the right field corner.

The Tribune had an unscientific poll on "Who do you blame?". As of right now, with 4998 votes in, 64.6% (3227 votes) blamed the cat, while 35.4% (1771 votes) blamed the man who picked up the cat. Votes were still being counted as I write this post.

Radio broadcaster Ron Santo was reminded of his cat episode from Shea Stadium in 1969 when a black cat circled him while he was in the on-deck circle. It then disappeared into the stands. "The picture of me and the back cat is the one I've had to autograph the most over my career," Santo said.

Ron Santo and black cat at Shea

By the way, the Cubs won the game over the Reds 7 to 2.

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