Thursday, April 9, 2009

Vacation Without Cats

We took a spring break vacation to sunny Florida and came back to snow. Thank goodness my cats were home to warm me up. They forgave me for being gone so long and soon I was covered in a blanket of soft purring fur.

My neighbors watched the cats while I was gone (thanks Missy and Alexandra!) so I didn't worry too much. To make it easier for their care, the cats were fed only dry food, left out once per day. Normally, only half their calories come from dry food, fed over three meals. Unfortunately, this change in diet resulted in some digestinal upset (okay vomiting).

Since I know that dry food is higher in calories than wet, I was concerned that my cuties would overindulge. So I weighed them before I left. I was surprised by the results when I weighed them again after the trip. Only Abigail and Jack gained, about half a pound each. The others' weights remained constant.

I know my cats are happy staying home and I don't expect that they would travel well. At home they look out the window and chatter at the sparrows and ground squirrels. But I wonder how they would react if they saw a bird like this out their window:

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