Sunday, August 16, 2009

Obese, Overweight and Fat Cats

A nation-wide study done by the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention, has determined that 57% of cats are estimated to be overweight, and almost 18% are considered obese.

"Pet obesity continues to emerge as a leading cause of preventable disease and death in dogs and cats. Our pets are in real danger of not living as long as previous generations and developing serious and costly diseases such as diabetes, arthritis, and other largely avoidable conditions,” states lead researcher Dr. Ernie Ward.

Compare your cat with these pictures to determine if your cat is one of the 51 million cats that are overweight or obese:

Source: via VidFails on VidFails

Source: via VidFails on VidFails

If your cats resemble these it is time to put them on a diet (No "light" food! Canned please.) Give them more exercise. is a good site to find information about cat and dog obesity, ideal weights, caloric needs, and calories of many foods.
Of course, you could peruse Cat Ramble to find much of this information.

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