Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Are We All Crazy Cat Ladies?

Having a cat is like eating potato chips - you can't stop at just one. 71% of US domestic cats live in a multi-cat household. But there are a lot of misperceptions about cat owners. A Tidy Cats survey found that non-cat people don't think very highly of us. According to the survey, a majority of non-cat people believe that multiple cat owners are lonely, antisocial, crazy cat ladies that live in dirty, cluttered, smelly houses.

I'm sure I don't fit that stereotype. I think I am fairly well adjusted and my house is clean. I know I have provided my crew with a good life and they have brought me and my family joy and laughter everyday.

Tidy Cat started a "Campaign to End Cattiness", to debunk the misperceptions, and tell the world how living with multiple cats makes life better. Owners can submit their photo and story at As I looked through the gallery, I noticed that most of the owners were woman, but very few of them looked like "crazy cat ladies" and many of them had nice stories to tell.

Read more about the survey at Scroll down to find the Related Documents section to find the Tidy Cats Survey Fact Sheet. It opens to a Word Document.

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